Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying Abroad

Advantage and disadvantage of studying abroad

Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying Abroad– The idea of studying abroad can seem like a fabulous opportunity. Not great to wish to put anyone off the experience, however, as experiencing other countries can be also be rewarding and life enriching, as well as often having practical benefits – but like with most things, there Advantage and disadvantage of studying abroad

Here are top 11 advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad

Advantages of Studying Abroad

  1. Broadening your horizon– When you stay whole your in one city or state, you tend to have a very narrow vision of the world. As you step out of your comfort zone, you tend to see things from different perspective, things which you have not thought till now. This will help in making you a better person and better prepared for the future.
  2. Learning new culture– Seeing things from a different perspective all you would be trying to do while you are studying. Nothing does this better than studying in a different country
  3. More study options– Indian institutes have limited courses with old curriculum
  4. Looks fabulous on CV– Nothing says you are a responsible person more than having a foreign degree on your CV. It shows that you are capable of coming out of your comfort zone, which is very important for many jobs especially marketing and sales.
  5. More friends– You will be able to meet new friends from different countries and races. It leads to a totally different personality development
  6. Learning new language– It is often said that people who know more languages have more IQ than others. If you are going to a country which has different native language than yours, it will be immensely beneficial to your overall development.
  7. New traveling destinations– Marco Polo once said that traveling is the best way to learn. As you travel to new and different type of places, you will learn far more than you could have in your own city and country
  8. Holidays in exotic places– who does not like to holiday in South of France or do wild safari in Australia or living in ice cold places of norther England or Scotland. You can do this and much more at shoestring budget

Disadvantages of Studying Abroad

  1. It is expensive– Studying abroad is quite expensive. Tuition fee and living expense cost a bomb, especially if you consider overall cost of Indian education. But positive side is that you can do part time jobs or internships, to cover your living expenses.
  2. Home sickness– Being in totally different city and country with no known person around can be very difficult for many people. People tend to get home sick, which can be very difficult for some students
  3. You don’t get time to grow– The moment you step in the flight to go abroad, you have to grow. No more days of adolescence. You have to take your own decisions and live with it. No doubt you will make some wrong decisions, but it is all part of growing up.


Tell us, how do you like our list of advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad. Do you have some more points on either side of the debate. Do let us know your comments or suggestions in the comment box given below.

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