Things NOT to DO During your Class 12 Exams

DO NOT's in Class 12 Exam
DO NOT’s during 12th Board Exams – The examination period has always been a difficult time for all of you students. It’s that time when you feel like doing everything except your studying. There are many students who have spent most of their time regretting on not managing their time properly during their board exams, here are some things that you should definitely NOT be doing during your exams. Study and adapt these tips to reduce the stress level in your class 12th board exam.
DO NOT stick to your revision books: They may not contain answers in detail. Revisions are just note of main points that you should remember in each topic. (Refer it at the end of your preparation). Sample questions are not the sample of your existing exam paper. Hence use sample papers only to test yourself as mock testing.
DO NOT cramp subjects: Don’t refer all the subjects on the same day. Instead table out equal timings for all the subjects and if required Mathematics may have extra day time for solving purpose.

Not reading the Question paper: One of the most common mistakes students make is not utilising the 15 minute reading time properly. Students should read the question paper carefully so that they can organise their thoughts and manage their time during the exam.

Time Mis-Management: Time management is crucial for acing in the board exams. It is important to not spend more than the required time on a particular question, or else you’ll struggle to finish the paper. While writing the paper, do stick to the word limit and the time limit. Plan in advance on time you will dedicate to each question and category.

Not following the hierarchy: Generally, students answer the questions without planning the order properly according to the points that need to be covered first. The students should regularly analyse the content of their answers by keeping in mind the important points given in the marking scheme and compare their answers with model papers. This is how you can develop the skill of determining the hierarchy of relevance of content and will able to score better marks in boards.

Copying incorrect data: Sometimes students copy the data given in the question paper incorrectly in the numerical questions. Students should take extra care as it will save some  marks in the exam.

Diagrams: Diagrams can fetch you easy marks, if you make it neat and label it properly.

Presentation: Other than above mentioned points, examiner friendly script, neat handwriting, sequential presentation of answers and their sub parts, highlighting keywords and technical terms does help you in fetching good marks.

If you have any question on this above Class 12 Exam Preparation Tips, do let us know in the comment section below. We will try to answer it as soon as possible.

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