Time Management Tips – Class 11th,12th Board Students

Class-11th-12th Time Management
Dear Students, this article gives you guidelines on how to manage your time in your board exams. It gives you mere knowledge on time management tips for class 11 and class 12. Get these Time Management Tips.
For any student who want to score high in his board examinations , time management is a very essential ingredient for their recipe of success. But, how can one manage time, especially in case of class 12 students and burdened with subjects galore.


Time Management Tips 

Set your Priorities 

Set your Priority tasks. Try not to rush from undertaking to assignment for the duration of the day. Survey the rundown of what you need to accomplish for the day and after that select the things that you ‘must do’ that day. At that point concentrate on completing those things. Toward the day’s end, you’ll have a sentiment achievement, regardless of what else got fouled up or turned out badly.

Be Realistic

An excessive number of us are extended too thin in light of the fact that we’ve become tied up with the myth that everybody can do it all. We ought to all work all day, invest quality energy with our youngsters and companions and pets, invest time with our companions, do volunteer and board of trustees work, get included in causes, work at remaining fit and sound, and invest time unwinding and restoring ourselves. Prepare a time table

Plan Accordingly

As your school term starts and your course calendar is set, create and get ready for, pieces of study time in a regular week. Some troublesome material may require more regular breaks. Abbreviate your review pieces if essential—however bear in mind to come back to the main work. What you do amid your break ought to give you a chance to have a nibble, unwind, or generally invigorate or re-stimulate yourself.

Weekly Updates

Weekly reviews and updates are also an important strategy. Take a day out to review yourself and your strategy. See where you intended to be and where you are, at the end of the week.

This may provoke a question or two about something you don’t exactly comprehend, to get some information about in class, or after. It additionally shows to your teacher that you are intrigued and have arranged. By taking after this, despite the fact that you won’t magically get more hours in a day, yet you will have the capacity to all the more adequately deal with the time you have. What’s more, in wording or what you complete and how you feel, that will have a significant effect.

Following are some of the important time management tips to be well-prepared for the 12th board exam:

  • Set small targets everyday and make sure you achieve them by the end of the day- Most students tend to take a look at the entire course material and begin freezing on the tremendous syllabus. It is critical to break the general syllabus into littler areas and sub-segments and after that make sure to finish each segment on a specific day. Little objectives ought to be set every day
  • Focus on only one chapter at a time
  • Be well versed with all the terms, important aspects, concepts, formulas (if any), numericals of that chapter
  • Make continuous revisions
  • It’s all okay if you don’t know everything from the syllabus, but make sure you don’t forget what you have already studied
  • Prioritize the chapters, topics, sections, course materials, etc. on the basis of weightage – This is the basic essence of studying smartly. There is no use in working hard for hours together if you have missed the 20% of the syllabus that is likely to carry 80% weightage.
  • Study those chapters or sections first which carry more weightage in the exam.
  • Study at the time most convenient and don’t forget to take study breaks – Be aware of when you study best—whether it is early morning, late afternoon or at night.
  • Do follow your own study routine properly.
  • Do not study continuously.
  • Take small breaks when required—ideally, at least every hour. During the break, watch TV for a few minutes, listen to your favorite songs, or talk to your family members or friends.
  • Please do not skip meals because of the exam pressure
  • Do not procrastinate – Procastination is thought to be the most serious issue relating to exam planning. When you set your own objectives, make a decent attempt to fulfill it instead of leaving a piece of the booked course material to be finished tomorrow. There is nothing supernatural about tomorrow. In the event that you hesitate today, you will abstain from finishing the piece of study tomorrow also and this will go on.
  • Do not waste time when you are supposed to finish something.


Follow these tips and see how fast the exam pressure reduces.

Keep yourself calm, positive and confident.

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  1. Although I want, but I cannot study for long hours. I loose my concentration while studying.How to study effectively for long hours in a day without getting distracted? Pls also suggest an effective and useful time table for class 11 student including the following subjects–